August 15, 2011

Looking for a nice gift? Try an internal organ!

Are you familiar with Etsy? It’s a place where craftspeople sell their "fun projects." 

Some of these people may be insane. Take the Etsy user who crochets internal organs…like this heart! Her description:
Show your loved one how you really feel! This unique amigurumi heart has been crocheted with love using red acrylic yarn, stitched with blue yarn veins, and stuffed full of love!
This crafty person ("AnOptimisticCynic") is also happy to make you a gall bladder (complete with gallstones!).

Maybe you prefer a large intestine?

And of course, lfe-size brains are always popular...

Heck, you could just buy all these pieces and make your own crocheted Frankenstein!

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