September 22, 2011

Gross Vocabulary: It’s time to “turdify”!

bescumber: (verb) To spray with poop.
Like me, you have bescumbered the toilet from time to time. Up till now, I’ve usually used the word “spackled” for this, e.g., “The west wing is closed, because I just spackled the toilet in there.”

But now I can use bescumbered too! According to Neatorama, related words include:
  • bemute: to drop poop on someone from great height),
  • shard-born: born in poop
  • fimicolous: living and growing on poop
If you’re looking for new words for specific kinds of poop, try:
  • meconium: the first poop of a newborn child
  • lientery: diarrhea that has partially digested food in it
  • steatorrhea: poop with so much fat in it, it floats and won’t flush down the toilet

And finally:
  • turdify: to turn into a turd

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