September 20, 2011

I hate to point fingers, but YOU’RE A CANNIBAL!

I think we can agree that eating human flesh is pretty uncool. After all, you’d probably have to slaughter and cook a human to do it! But not necessarily. Just biting your fingernails, chewing a cuticle, or accidentally eating some of your own hair is cannibalism.

I was just looking over some facts on the subject from National Geographic which I’m happy to share with you. First, humans are a good source of protein, but there’s less of it than you might think. Two scientists figured that the “meat yield” from the average human body would provide about four kilograms of protein. That meets the daily nutritional requirements of 60 adults. 

So a tribe of 60 people would have to find a new person to eat every day! Wait, there’s more!
  • The Aztecs are believed to have eaten people in order to make their gods happy. One of their emperors, Montezuma (a.k.a. Moctezuma), is said to have been quite partial to human thighs served with tomatoes and chili pepper sauce. (But take it easy on the chili or you'll get Montezuma's revenge!)
  • The Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea ate EVERY part of their dead including their bones and poop. This practice, known as endo-cannibalism, was actually born out of love and respect as they viewed it as a way their deceased to literally live on forever.
  • A cannibalistic practice known as Ko Ku and Ko Kan occurred in China. Sons and daughters would donate parts of their body such as their liver to their sick parents. According to legend, a princess called Miao Chuang surrendered her severed hands to her ailing father, after which everyone thought she was pretty cool. (But they didn't give her a standing ovation.

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