September 1, 2011

Nudism and the Most Awful Phrase in the English Language

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We have house-guests staying with us. So this morning when I was reading a funny article about nudists in the New York Times, I thought they might enjoy hearing about the different kinds of nudists:
  • Clothing Optional (people who may or may not choose to be naked, but are open to the option)
  • Naked at Home (pretty much what it sounds like)
  • Naturist (people who only like to be naked outdoors)
  • Nudist Lifestyle and Naked Vegan Cyclists (really!)
Gross!” our houseguests cried. (Of course, they are all “textilists” or people who wear clothes.)

Nudism is gross?” I thought. “Then I guess it belongs on this blog.”

Nudists reject the “tyranny of fabric” and think that nakedness can “create inspiring experiences.” Fair enough. And I’m not saying that nudism IS gross, but there is a phrase in the Times story that disgusted me: 

Naked yoga class.

Just TRY not picturing that!

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