September 14, 2011

"Your eye poop is disgusting": What to call your sleep sand!

Okay, you wake up in the morning and rub your eyes. As you do, you feel some crusty gunk on your eyelids. Or maybe its moist! What do you call that stuff? Here's some possibilities:
By Bing Ramos
Eye crispies
Eye boogers
Orb crud
Sleepy sand
Ocular snot
Eye goop
Or, it you're in China: Eye poop!

I was just reading about eye poop over at the Body Odd. It turns out that people with dry eyes get crumbly eye poop, while people with oily eyes get gunky, goopy sleegers. To find out where exactly the stuff comes from, the writer asked an expert who said, "The general consensus is that this debris is the stuff leftover from dried out tears."

Fine. I don't know why I'm weeping in my sleep, but I'm still calling it orb crud! (After all, sleep weep sounds too wussy!)

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