October 6, 2011

Porta-Potty Strategy!

You're at the fair or a concert and you have to use a Porta-Potty. But you're shocked at the long lines of people waiting to bust grumpies! What's your best bet for taking care of business quickly?

Over at the NPR Tumblr, Ian has some advice for you:
Your first instinct will be to choose the shortest line, but this can be wrong. Choose the line with the best female to male ratio, even if it’s not the shortest line. [In other words, pick the line with the most women.] Most men, if they’re going Number One, will see long lines and choose to go on a tree, fire hydrant, or friend. This means most men standing in line are going Number Two, which in turn means a line with more men will be moving much, much slower than a line with more women.
Photo by Randy Son of Robert

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