October 25, 2011

Public Enemy #2

The accused criminal. (From here.)
Over near Washington, D.C., a court case is underway that will test the roots of our very democracy.

Well, maybe it’s not THAT big of a deal, but still.

Months ago, Kimberly Zakrzewski was walking a friend’s dog named Baxter. The little dog allegedly pooped near some apartments and then Zakrzewski didn’t pick it up! A witness named Virginia Cornell called the police. And she took pictures of Baxter’s alleged poop.

Ah, but WAS it Baxter’s grumpy? Zakrzewski  denied the charges, and said the dog poop in question couldn’t be Baxter’s — it was “the wrong size and consistency.”


Of course, a good CSI team could settle all this. Seriously! A company named PooPrints collects DNA samples from pooch poop. Using technology, they can ID a dog from its own voodoo butter!

Anyway, the trial of Baxter’s dog poop is underway RIGHT NOW. And a Washington Post reporter named Justin Jouvenal is live-tweeting the trial. (Photo from the Washington Post.)

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