November 8, 2011

And the award for "Holding It" goes to . . .

From here.
The okapi!

As you can see, the okapi sort of looks like a cross between an antelope and a zebra. In fact, they're relatives of the giraffe ... and they are VERY shy.

Okapis are good at avoiding other animals, especially predators. What's the secret to their success? Well, when a baby okapi is born, it doesn't poop. (If it did, a predator could smell the poop and track the poor widdle thing.)

Nope, baby okapis hold it. For a week. Then another week. And another one. And . . . ANOTHER one! In fact, baby okapis don't poop for a MONTH after they're born!

As far as I can see, that makes the okapi the opposite of a human baby.

By Ewen Roberts.

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  1. On the plus side, at least okapis don't have the hassle of wearing diapers.


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