November 6, 2011

ANOTHER great headline!

Wow, there's been some great stories in the news lately. In this one, a Nigerian actor named Babatunde Omidina (aka, Baba Suwe) was arrested on suspicion of smuggling drugs by swallowing them and then getting on a plane.

So authorities held onto Babatunde until he pooped. Then they inspected his bowel movement. Nothing! So they waited for the next poop. Nothing! Over 24 days, they inspected 25 of Babatunde's poops. Nothing!

So they let him go. In addition to the pure gold of the "Nigerian actor freed after 25 bowel movements" headline, the article states:

But after 24 days in detention during which his bowel movements were earnestly followed by authorities and the media, an apologetic High Court judge in Lagos ordered his release. 
Judge Yetunde Idowu told Babatunde: "I wish you well. Take care of yourself. You are free to go home."
Gee, thanks!

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