November 18, 2011

"The Fartiste" gets a standing ovation!

I wrote about famed fart musician Joseph Pujol in The Big Book of Gross Stuff. And thanks to my efforts, there’s now a new musical out called The Fartiste.

In the 1800s, Joseph Pujol performed in France on the Moulin Rouge, where his farting sound effects brought the house down. Farts were funny then, and farts are funny now, but WHY?

Steven Scott is the designated farter on the new show (he makes the sounds into a microphone with his mouth), and he says, “You could be at a funeral, and if somebody farts, people will laugh. There's just something funny about it.”

But Michael Roberts, the writer for the show’s music and lyrics has higher ambitions. “[Joseph Pujol] is a guy who farts, but so what? That's not a reason to write a story.”

Huh? What kind of crazy talk is that? Clearly Michael doesn’t understand ANYTHING!

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