January 23, 2012

Don't touch that cell phone!

I'm now about half-way through the new book, That's Disgusting. I like it! In fact, it's not unlike a Big Book of Gross Stuff for adults.

The New York Times reviewed Disgusting this weekend, and the piece included this tidbit.
You are far more likely to catch “something nasty” by using ... someone else’s cellphone than by licking the toilet seat in a movie theater restroom.
Nice! But the real highlight was this:
Ryan McFarland
Or how about chicha, a popular drink in Ecuador, which a student [of the author's] watched as it was made? To prepare the thick beverage, a group of women put handfuls of corn flour in their mouths, chewed it until it “vaguely resembled the vomit of an infant,” spit it out into a collective milk jug and repeated the process until all the flour was gone. Then the women capped the jug and buried it in the yard to ferment. When a well-aged jug of chicha was unearthed and opened for the grossed-out young woman to taste, it took all her self-control not to gag on the warm, vinegary brew.

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