January 17, 2012

Drinking Pee-Pee Isn't Bad!

If you live in a town or city, when you flush the toilet, your poop and pee goes to a water processing plant. Workers there try to clean the pee and poop OUT of the water  . . . and then they probably just dump the “clean” water back into your closest river or other body of water.

And from there, you KNOW that it sometimes ends up in someone’s drinking water. So you could argue that people drink poopy, urine-y water right now. It’s actually not that dangerous; there’s a study out that says that cleaned toilet water is healthier than wild “fresh” water.

Since it’s already happening by accident, the US National Research Council is saying that it’s time to just treat our toilet flushings and re-use them in the same city the water started in. No more dumping it downstream; just drink it!

So yeah, in a way you’d be drinking your own pee. But isn’t that better than drinking someone else’s? (Via io9 article.)

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