January 25, 2012

Enter, the Toilet Keeper

Here in Portland, we have outdoor toilets. w00t!

More amazingly, our outdoor toilet program works. That is, when other U.S. cities have tried using these, they fall prey to vandalism and crime. Why don’t ours? There’s a number of reasons, but maybe the most important one is that the toilets are outdoors. That is, they keep the rain off your head, but that’s about it.

This article from Atlantic Cities gives more details. My favorite part is in the comments section, where Daniel Kim writes:
I wonder, given the price, if it would be better to have a small residence with, say, four or so toilets. A toilet keeper could be contracted to live in the residence and do maintenance and cleaning in exchange for rent and basic utilities. The resident keeper could provide some security by being able to call police using a hot button if there's any 'nefarious' activity.
I love that idea: Hire a toilet keeper! His business card would read:
Toilet Keeper

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