January 3, 2012

Russian Poop Humor

Grigory Potemkin was a Russian diplomat back in the 1700s. According to this biography, he was also a gambler.
One day, [Potemkin] was passing through his dressing room with two important courtiers who stopped to admire his famous silver bath.  
"If you can excrete enough to fill it," said Potemkin to one of them, "I will give it to you. 
The courtier turned to his companion, who was notorious for his voracity, and said: "How about attempting this business on a fifty-fifty basis?"
Translation from the Russian: Potemkin offered to give the silver bathtub to the courtiers if they could fill it with poop. The one guy looked at the other (who was a greedy eater and probably fat) and asked if he wanted to try it together! (Thanks to Weird Universe.)

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