January 11, 2012

Sad News: It's now illegal to buy used underwear in Zimbabwe!

By Chad Magiera.
I know, I know. I'm broken up about it too. Look, if we stick together, we can get through these hard times alright.

Hmm, maybe "stick together" isn't the best choice of words.

This article will give you some background. I love this quote from a Zimbabwean newspaper:
One of the best laws that our country has put in place in recent years is the total ban on the importation of secondhand underwear. 
Wearing used underwear is most dehumanising and no government worth its salt should allow its citizens to be abused to this extent. It is a fact that our flea markets receive bales of clothing, some of which is exclusively used underwear, some of which is soiled. What nation have we become that knowingly subjects its people to humiliation and disease? It is inconceivable for a country to open its borders for the importation of used underwear – to allow our women to wear undergarments that other women in other countries have used and discarded.
But wait! That means that if somebody DID wear used underwear, he'd be an underwear criminal!

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