February 10, 2012

Bombing: Uncool or Illegal?

In The Big Book of Gross Stuff, I share how in my family, “bombing” meant someone was expelling gas from their body. According to this story from Mississippit, it's not just my family.
Was it bathroom slang or a bomb threat?Bond has been set for a Jones County Junior College student who was arrested for a hand written note claiming there was a bomb on campus. 
H.W. Hadley Jr., 19, was arrested after the note was found in a campus bathroom. In all, 11 agencies responded to the threat, but no bomb was found. Officials said Hadley was arrested after they matched his handwriting to the note, which was written on toilet paper. 
His family says the word "bomb" is often used by Hadley in reference to a bodily function and not an explosive device. 
"He was in the restroom doodling on some toilet paper and I am going to just let modesty go and tell you we are from the country, and so he calls passing gas, bombs," said Hadley's aunt. "So, he was doodling on the toilet paper and put I passed a bomb in the library, talking about passing gas and somebody come in and found it, give it to the teacher that recognized his hand writing and it blow all out of proportion."
What I don't like is how Hadley was doodling in the bathroom on toilet paper. That's just odd. But I love how his aunt said that authorities are "blowing this all out of proportion"!

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