July 26, 2012

How to Wash Your Butt After Pooping

Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth is an expert world traveler. And since most people wipe with water (NOT toilet paper!), she is also expert at cleaning her backside.

The idea is that you squat over a pit toilet (right) with a jug of "cleansing" water nearby. But for newbie bum-washers, this can be a hard skill to master. What's the secret to success? What follows is from an interview with the doctor.
“[First] you need to take everything off below your waist: socks, shoes, pants, underwear. Then squat over the toilet. Pour water over your bum, and with your left hand, just whittle away with your fingers and try to dislodge any lumpy bits while pouring water.” 
“The technique is to use a lot of water so you’re not actually scraping [poop] off your ass. What you’re doing is facilitating washing it off. But if you’re a learner at this, and you don’t take your bottoms off, it splashes onto your pants and you look as if you had an accident, and everyone laughs at you when you come out.”
The good doctor has written a learned book on this very subject. However, its title contains language that some may find unsuitable. So you'll have to keep reading to see it!

Available here.

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  1. My major hurdle would be where to wash my hands after as I'm guessing there isn't' anywhere :/


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