September 12, 2012

Wait—barfing is GOOD for us?

Ever see someone barf? Ever feel like barfing after you saw it?

Then congratulations! That means you are sensitive to other people’s feelings. Maybe! After all, everyone has the ability to feel the emotions of others. So when other people cry, you get weepy. When other people laugh, you grin and say, “What’s so funny?” so you can laugh too.

In this article, Dr. Jennifer Hanes says, “Humans are communal creatures, and if our ancestral brother began to vomit from spoiled food or other illness, likely we were exposed to the same [thing]. When one person vomits, our body begins to retch to expel the germs or poison that may be in our system . . . it developed as a self-preservation reflex.”

But whether it saves our life our not, barfing is the worst because, as a nurse says, “It's a multi-sensory experience – there’s the sight, the sound, the smell and – most of all – the memory.”

So when other people barf, we recall the last time WE barfed and—ulp.

That’s enough of that.

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