September 3, 2012

Using Pee as a Deadly Weapon

There’s a business called Mrs. Doe Pee’s Buck Lures. It sells deer pee. Hunters use this pee to lure deer into spots where they can shoot them. Because why hunt a deer when you can ambush it instead?

Of course, you could do the same thing with other animals, too. Like dogs!

In this article, the owner of the deer pee store says, “If Obama is reelected in November, she says, it could wreak havoc on the deer urine industry.” But it should be pointed out that the annual profit for the shop is probably in the multimillions. Gee, sounds like times are tough!

The urine farmer also has a number of other interesting quotes, like “I can tell you that we sell hundreds of gallons of urine every year,” and “A lot of stores did not want to carry refrigerated urine.”

On a happier note, this reminded me to re-read an excellent article on pandas and peeing. You've got to see it. (Thanks, Django!)

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