October 7, 2012

Step inside my exploding colon!

A colonoscopy is an unpleasant procedure that has to do with your butt. During this procedure, a flexible fiber-optic instrument inserted into the anus in order to get a look at the poop chute (a.k.a. the colon). It’s pretty dark in there, so this instrument does have a lamp on it.

And that can create problems!

First, this is your butt we’re talking about. So yeah, pretty gross.

Second, you have gas in your colon. Everyone does, that’s just how it is. That gas is usually methane—which is explosive! But what could set off the methane gas in your poop chute? Maybe the heat from the colonoscopy lamp?

So long story short, colonoscopies can cause explosions in your poop chute. It’s rare, but it's happened! And THAT’S why people who are getting a colonoscopy have to cleanse their poop chutes before their procedures. How do you cleanse? LAXATIVES. And MORE LAXATIVES. (Photo by Jason Meredith. More colon info here!)

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