December 14, 2012

Elephant Poop Coffee!

If aliens ever visited Earth, this would be one of the things humans do that is impossible to explain. So here goes!

Over in Thailand, a herd of elephants are pooping coffee beans. That's because a guy named Blake Dinkin is FEEDING them coffee beans!

The idea is that the digestive juices of an elephant alter the indigestible beans and make them tastier. So the pooped beans are better than the unpooped beans!

Makes sense, right? No? Well, how about this: Elephant poop coffee costs $500 a pound.

Oh, NOW it makes sense! (Photo via.)


  1. Hi Bart.

    You could have emailed me to ask me why I named it Black Ivory Coffee and I would have been happy to respond.

    When people think of ivory they think of elephants, luxury, something that is polished, highly desired and exotic. Many people also think of poaching.

    Black is the opposite colour to ivory/white and in contrast to harming elephants, by providing income generation for mahouts and donating 8% of my sales to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation I am trying to do help improve the lives of Thai elephants.

    I hope this clears up the name Black Ivory Coffee. Incidentally Black Ivory without the name Coffee is a R&B band out of Harlem.


  2. Hey Blake,

    Fair enough! Thanks for the thoughtful response . . . and good luck on your venture!

    All the best,


No bad words, thanks!