July 3, 2013

Dude, you stink! Go lie down.

Some people have problems with gas. And you are probably one of them. But when you need to let out a stinker, does your body position matter? If you’ve ever been sitting in class trying to do a “right-cheek sneak,” you know the answer to that: Yes!

Anyway, some scientists studied whether it’s easier to fart standing or lying down. So they got volunteers and blew gas into their intestines (don’t ask). Then they had them stand or lie on their backs (supine). And they measured how much they farted!
BACKGROUND: Patients describe that body posture may affect their abdominal bloating, distension, and flatulence, but whether changes in position have objectively demonstrable effects, either beneficial or deleterious, has not been investigated. Aim: To determine the effect of body posture, upright versus supine, on intestinal transit of gas loads.
 SUBJECTS: Eight healthy subjects.
 METHODS: In each subject a gas mixture was continuously infused..for three hours... Paired studies were randomly performed in each subject on separate days in the upright and supine positions.
 CONCLUSION: You fart more when you’re standing up.
 Via by way of Seriously Science.

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