July 17, 2013

The world's first pee-powered phone!

This article is so awesome, I'll just give you some quotes:

Mobile phone owners could soon be able to give their batteries a boost with their own urine. 
British scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory have developed a way of using urine as a power source to generate electricity and claim to have created the world's first microbial fuel cells (MFC) powered mobile phone. 
While many people might turn their noses up at the energy source, the researchers said that it is the 'ultimate waste product' and does not rely on the erratic nature of the wind or the sun... 
Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, an expert at harnessing power from unusual sources using microbial fuel cells at the University of West England, Bristol, which was also involved in the research, said the urine-powered phone is a 'world first'. 
"No-one has harnessed power from urine so it’s an exciting discovery."

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