September 22, 2013

One hole or two?

This joke comes from the laugh-fest that was the Civil War. See, the Union commander-in-chief was General George McClellan. He was horrible! McClellan was so indecisive, he refused to go into battle unless he KNEW he would win.

Result: McClellan almost never went to battle. And this drove Abraham Lincoln nuts. So, here’s the joke:

Abe went to visit George McClellan at his new headquarters. Attracted to the sounds of hammering, Abe found a soldier building an outhouse near the general’s quarters.

“Will that be a one-holer or a two-holer?” Abe asked. (Outhouses that could seat two people were called “two-holers.”

“A one-holer, Mr. President,” the soldier answered.

“Thank goodness,” Abe said. “If it was a two-holer, George would poop his pants before he could make up his mind which one to use.”


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