January 31, 2014

Butt Blasts from the Past!

You may know Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) from his famous story Gulliver's Travels.

Swift was a funny man, as he showed in short book titled The Benefit of Farting Explain’d.

This classic included a lovely poem about passing gas in Parliament. It's known as... 
"On A Fart, let in the House of Commons" 
Reader, I was born, and cried;
I crack'd, I smelt, and so I died.
Like Julius Caesar's was my death,
Who in the senate lost his breath.
Much alike entomb'd does lie
The noble Romulus and I:
And when I died, like Flora fair,
I left the commonwealth my heir.

See, the narrator is like Julius Caesar because he died in the Roman senate, just like our gas passer. And that last line is funny, because he "heir" is pronounced like "air" and he's leaving his foul-smelling air to the government. Heheh... ouch. 

Oh, and one more thing—Jonathan Swift wrote all this under a fake name: Don Fartinando Puff-indorst!

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