February 11, 2014

"Good luck with the test, son. Wait, you have your Koala poop, right?"

Hey, look! I’ve paraphrased this fascinating article:
In Japan, gaining into top universities is the first step in the right direction in adult life. Recently, this has come in the form of poop from Koala bears, which an increasing number of Japanese high school students are carrying to college admission exam sites. 
One zoo even gave away free Koala bear feces to exam takers. The poop disappeared in less than 10 minutes.
 The reasoning is the fact that Koala bears hang on to trees for more than 20 hours at a time to sleep without falling off.
So it’s hoped the tenacity of the lovable bears will rub off on those who have to take the exams.
But the test-takers should be careful. Tenacity is fine, but OTHER things could rub off as well…namely Koala poop!

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