June 5, 2014

National Public Radio has serious gas

Over at NPR, they recently ran a piece about how microbes in your gut can keep you healthy. In it, they talk about food, gas, and the fact that most people fart about 18 times a day.

This led to a slew of different comments from listeners and readers... they were so good, I've included some of them below!
I am totally going to send this to my wife. “See honey, I poot because I'm healthy! I am not in fact, as you say, 'dying inside.'”            

“A healthy individual can have up to 18 flatulences per day and be perfectly normal.” I'm going to start counting.

You have 18 per hour.” (My wife talking about me)


If someone goes over their daily allotment at your office, maybe you can institute a “cork and trade” system.

 “Get the de-fiberlators - we've got a Code 19.”
You still don't need to fan the covers when you do it”- Every wife everywhere

There was a time when I had very caustic gas that regularly burned holes in my cotton underwear. Amusing but expensive . . .
Funny how every comment is about how men fart and women don't, and how husbands everywhere are rejoicing. Interesting to see social pressures at work - men feel comfortable farting at any time, women feel pressured to politely hide it, and get treated as unwomanly if they don't. Yet both of us fart just as much, hahaha

Yeah I was thinking the same thing as I scrolled through the comments. I'm a woman, and I fart just as much as my boyfriend. We've always accepted each other completely, farts and all. Part of being human! I'm done with pretending to be polite.

My mother always quoted a ditty she learned from her mother, on this subject, so some women weren't embarrassed to let it all out: “Better to fart and bear the shame, than hold in it and bear the pain.”

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