July 24, 2014

There's only one thing that could make this awesome news story even better...

...and that's the ad running to its right side!
Here's the story:
British inventor builds giant 'fart machine' to fire at France
Colin Furze's huge valveless jet engine will be housed in a specially constructed pair of buttocks and aimed in the general direction of France. Furze, a plumber and inventor from Stamford, Lincolnshire, has begun building the biggest fart machine ever, which he plans to place on top of the cliffs of Dover and aim across the Channel towards France. 
His hope is that the French, 21 miles away, will hear the blast. 
The machine, which Furze will house in a pair of specially constructed buttocks, is a giant pulse valveless jet engine – as used in Nazi V-1 bombs during World War II – that creates a plume of fire to go along with its deafening roar. 

And here's a video giving background:

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