December 20, 2009

Breakfast Cereal Can Help You Pee Better!

If you’re a guy, the odds are that you’re going to take a pee sometime and see a fly in the urinal. (Or sometimes just a little dot.)

It’s not a real fly, so it won’t fly away, but the odds are about 100% that you’ll pee on it.

And that’s why it’s there. According to Professor May Berenbaum, (she’s an expert on insects), men have “a deep-seated instinct to aim at targets.” And so if you put a target in a urinal, men won’t pee all over the place and make a mess. For example, after putting fly targets in the urinals at an airport in Amsterdam, there was an 80% drop in pee slop!

Soon there will be glow-in-the-dark fly targets for the nighttime pee patrol. (Ooh, if you were a troublemaker, you could stick a decal of a fly BY the toilet and see if men could resist aiming at it!)

But if you don’t have a urinal in your house, how can you aim for a fly? Instead, some parents keep a little bowl of Cheerios by the toilet. Before peeing, the boy or man about to pee tosses a Cheerio in the toilet. Then he aims at it! This keeps his pee stream IN the bowl instead of all over it. (Poor little Cheerio!)

Story from National Public Radio, fly from

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