December 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Brussel Sprouts Make George the Turtle Fart!

In the English city of Norfolk is a large public aquarium. Among its many animals is George the green turtle. (Green turtles are large sea turtles. More info here.)
George gets fed brussel sprouts because they have vitamins and stuff that are good for him. But the sprouts give George gas. How much gas? The erupting bubbles of George’s turtle farts splash and trigger the aquarium’s overflow sensors, sending everyone into a panic!

To solve this problem, aquarium workers just lower the water level of the aquarium AFTER giving George his vegetables.
And luckily, the other animals in the aquarium are underwater, so they don’t have to smell George’s turtle farts when they pop on the surface of the water.
Oh wait, there is ONE animal that has to smell George’s turtle farts: Humans! (More on George the farting turtle here.)

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