December 15, 2009

Go Pee-Pee or Go Poo-Poo

The posting title above isn't from me... rather, it's from the website of an unusual restaurant: See, there's a restaurant chain in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet Restaurants.” The business began as an ice cream store that served its specialty food in little toilet bowls.
And people loved it! Imagine the adventure of spooning chocolate ice cream out of a toilet bowl and into your mouth! (As for Rocky Road, forget about it.)
So the owners started serving other foods in toilets as well. Also, the customers sat on non-functioning toilets. Also, there’s toilets all over the place!
How is it possible that this horrible idea could be such a success? Well, as the Modern Toilet Restaurant website says, “In an age where creative marketing is king, even feces can be turned into gold!
(Thanks to my brother-in-law Lee for the hot tip. One of his favorite sayings is "Poopoo, peepee, I've got to go, tee tee!")

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