January 21, 2010

Bug Lollipops? Thanks. Thanks a Lot.

There's a company named HOTLIX that specializes in bug-candy. Or candy with bugs. Bug lollipops! Their hard candies are often spicy hot, hence the name. Confession: I tried a cricket sucker once, but didn't have the guts to finish it.
Ooh, one thing I always wondered about was the scorpions... I mean, don't they have poison? And stingers?

No worries, the stingers get cut off and the poison apparently vanishes when the scorpion is candy-fied. Ooh, speaking of that, how about a worm-covered candy apple?
Full photo gallery here.


  1. I guess the product should come with a label: "Keep out of the reach of squeamish, sensitive and weak-bellied people."

  2. My friend tried one and ate the scorpion! He said it tasted like peanut butter!


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