January 22, 2010

Let’s Take a Trip!

Hey, imagine going on a voyage down your own throat. As you enter your stomach, go through your small intestine, and onward into your big intestine, you’d have two thoughts.

First, you’d wonder what you’re doing in your own digestive system. (Never mind that!)

Next, you’d wonder about a duct you’d see in the side of the large intestine. See it? It’s the one discharging stinky greenish-yellow fluid. Does this horrible liquid help digest food? Nope.

Does this goop have any use at all?


Welcome to the wonderful world of your appendix! It’s just a dead-end tube coming off your large intestine. And it makes stinky, useless fluid. Oh, and it’s also dangerous. The appendix can get infected, fill with pus, and begin to swell up in a painful condition known as appendicitis. Then that swollen appendix has to be removed.

If this happens to you, don't feel bad! Luckily, your parents can read to you from this wonderful book! Everything is going to be just fine! See how relaxed this kid is?

Hmm, on second thought, you apparently aren’t going to be fine at all!

(And isn’t that about the dumbest photo you could put on a book like intended to each kids about appendicitis? "I'm going to die... and this cookie killed me!")

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  1. Proof that in order to deliver a reassuring image to a sensitive topic, first impressions are definitely important! Honestly, this photo actually doesn't do a good job at all.


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