March 27, 2010

Toilet Art That Will Bowl You Over

Isotope Comics in San Francisco has a Toilet Seat Museum. It's a place for comic artists visiting the store to leave a memento of their work. It’s pretty cool, although a lot of the artists actually just use the toilet LID, not the seat. (Artist Mike Brennen did the robot above.)

I thought of the museum because a studio in Chicago is having an “art of the toilet seat” show right now. Most of the paintings are on the toilet lid, like the one here by Mitch McConnell. But there is a WAY bigger problem with this!

The show is called “Paintings for You to Poop On.” 
What?! It sounds like somebody doesn’t know how to use a toilet! You don’t poop ON the toilet lid or seat. What a disaster! If you did that, you'd end up with flaming poop all over them, like below. 
No, after raising the lid, you poop in FRONT of it!

But I’m willing to forgive all, because this show does have a good slogan:

—Prizes for #1 and #2!

Roses seat by Kirsten Easthope, pupu-platter lid by Derek Yaniger.

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