September 28, 2010

"Hey lady, you just stepped in something."

Actually, she didn't.

In real life, this is an interesting high-heel shoe designed by Kobi Levi. Well done!


  1. Oh Grossest of the Gross,

    I'm so confused. No that in itself is not so amazing, but when I checked out the link, they spoke of a certain Kobi Levi. Google does give some shoe images for this name but sent me then to a link for Kobi Levy shoes. I ignored further suggestions to check out Cobi Levi, as my symptoms were coming back.

    Now with that having been said:
    don't you think these would be even grosser?

  2. The name is amended...apparently, I fell victim to some form of spoonerism, in which I transposed syllables of the good man's name. Thanks for pointing this out, Nixgy Zigon!

    Oh, and nice sandals too, BTW. They're perfect for could really scale some heights in them! Heeeyyooooo...


No bad words, thanks!