October 16, 2010

A Bathroom in Your Pocket?!

Look at that odd green thing to the right. Know what it is? It's toilet that fits in your pocket! But it’s not designed for just ANY pocket. It's called the Ladybug. So while it can be used by men or women, that name makes it clear which one its marketed to. Anyway, the Ladybug is a disposable portable bathroom.

Or to be more specific, it’s a plastic bag filled with chemicals that turn your pee into a gel.

The wide opening of the small bag supposedly allows a person to pee into it whether squatting, sitting or standing. And it holds two pints!

According to its inventor, Eva Tinter: “It can be used in cars, or to avoid dirty toilets or at open-air festivals when you don't want to queue (get in line). You can just nip round the back of the toilet and use this.”
Article here

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