October 17, 2010

Going to Tinkle: Where Learning Meets Fun!

Everyone enjoys a good tinkle now and then...oops, I should have capitalized that. I meant TINKLE, the fun comic for kids!

This comic is printed in India. Why do I mention this?

Because although it's written in English, maybe the TINKLE editors don't know of tinkle's OTHER meaning. (You know, the one that means "to pee"?)

On the other hand, a lot of the TINKLE covers have watery themes!

In fact, maybe the comic's editors DO know what tinkle means . . . and they're having a bit of fun with it!

If they keep doing that, sales will improve and TINKLE will be number 1!


  1. Johnny, where are you taking your tinkle?

    Up to my room, mom!!

    Well, if your brother wants to look at your tinkle, let him!

    Okay, mom, there's always enough tinkle for everyone...

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  3. Well Tinkle is generally used as a colloquial term...and whatever the argument may be, Tinkle still remains one of India's leading comic books since 1980.

    Using your same analogy, one should never name their kid DICK should they ?


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