October 7, 2010

Beware, Koala Bears—the Avenging Narwhal Is on the Loose!!

Need a good gift? Harpoon the Avenging Narwhal playset! The idea is that there are WAY too many "cute" animal toys in the world today... and the Avenging Narwhal is going to solve that problem.
The narwhal uses its tusk to impale the cute animals of the world, specifically baby seals, baby penguins and koalas. This 5-1/2'' long, hard vinyl narwhal comes with four magic tusks (crystal, onyx, ruby and ice) to impale the three 1-1/2'' long, soft vinyl cuties. 
Now I get it! Wait— a narwhal is an Arctic mammal. What's it doing impaling koala bears?!


  1. where do we buy it?

  2. It used to be here: http://www.mcphee.com/shop/

  3. You can get it here:


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