October 7, 2010

Make Me a Coffin with Racing Flames!

Death is just part of life. And since life is gross, it makes sense that death would be gross, too. (I mean, all that decomposing…come on!)

But just because death is disgusting doesn’t mean it has to be such a downer. Or at least, that’s the attitude of the good people at . . . Happy Coffins!
The Happy Coffin website says that they want to “dismantle the taboos surrounding Death & Dying by encouraging 'die-logues' about this often-sensitive subject.” 

Get it? DIE-logues? You’re killing me! And once that happens, you may as well put me in a light-hearted coffin. And that's actually a healthy attitude to take about death. Even so, I was surprised to see that the Happy Coffin people had set up a page for “Death” on Facebook. (Do I really have to be FRIENDS with it?!)

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