October 4, 2010

If your neighbor poops in your yard, you should...?

We're having our house painted. And the painting company put a Porta-Potty in our front yard. Awesome!

Once the workers left for the day, I went down to the Porta-Potty. Since we were basically paying for it, I thought it might be fun to pee in my front yard without anyone complaining.

But once I got down there, the little RED dial on the bathroom door showed that someone ELSE was inside of it!

Weird! Who was in there? I went back inside the house and kept on eye on the Porta-Potty. And after a minute, I saw the door open…and my neighbor from a block away stepped out of it and walked off!

What the heck?! Did he walk all the way over to our house to do that? Or was he already out walking, and then he felt the urge, and then he saw the Porta-Potty?

OR is he INSANE???

I don't know. But what I DO know is that I want revenge...so I just might have to skip to the loo in HIS front yard.
Rats! He doesn't have one.

ADDITION: Good news! I finally made it into the Porta-Potty. (And I don't think anyone saw me, either!)
Top Porta-Potty door photo by trAvelpig,
bottom photo from my Flickr page.

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