November 3, 2010

Is Your Toilet a History Book?

By massdistraction.
What if your toilet could talk? The stories it would tell, huh? Am I right?

Of course, all the stories would be disgusting.

Or at least ALMOST all of them. Over at the Seattle Times, house expert Ed Del Grande writes about how a toilet’s color can tell you something about your house’s history!

—1900-1920: Toilets are white. Zzzzz...

—1920s: Brown bathroom thrones show up. Why would you want a brown toilet? Well, your poop matches it!

—1960s: Crazy colors show up, like avocado-colored thunder boxes. (Hey, if an avocado can hide a brown thing in its middle, why not a toilet?)

—1990s: Earthy people go with biscuit and beeswax-colored thrones. So you could drop a biscuit in the biscuit-colored toilet. Or, if someone asked, “What are you doing in there?” you could say, “None of your beeswax!

From here.
—Modern Times: Apparently, “caviar” or black toilets (above) are popular now. I’ve never sat on a black-colored toilet. But hey, I’ve got the perfect toilet seat cover for one!

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  1. 1950s.. when gray dominated the porcelain palace! (At least it did in Maryland!)


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