November 3, 2010

"Who farted? You have detention!"

An 11 year-old boy from Ohio just got detention for passing gas on the school bus. Wow! He's already been interviewed on national TV, but I'm just going to share that his first name is Christian.

Christian got in trouble for doing a right-cheek sneak while on his way home from Thoreau Park Elementary School. And then he took the credit for it. Mistake! NEVER take credit for a fart. Anyway, my favorite part of the news story was this:
Christian now fears his flatulence. If he's caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention.
"Depends on how much more gas he has," said his father.
Yes, it does, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm not going to rip on the bus driver who gave the detention because that gas probably stank. And I'm not going to rip on Christian for ripping one. In fact, Christian, we here at Ultra-Gross salute you!

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  1. this is the parents fault..while passing gas is as natural as breathing is in poor taste and should be control,but going to kick him out of school is not a valid way to prevent it from happening,the most effective way is to bring in the parents in the bus every time it happens.


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