November 8, 2010

Soccer Diapers and Poo-splosions!

I can't remember my first diapers, but I know they didn't have a soccer-theme. Please—babies can't even WALK, but adults put them in soccer diapers?

Anyway, a lady named Tiffany was thinking about the first things her babies have done. While many parents stick with the basics (“Look he took his first step!” “Hey, she said her first word!”), Tiffany keeps it real:
—The first time [the babies] have massive diaper failure. I call these poo-splosions. They typically occur when you are in a hurry...
—The first time they poo while bathing in the tub. Only one of my kids has actually done this, but believe me the shock and awe will stay with you forever.  It still makes me shudder.
And now I would like to award Tiffany the Ultra-Gross Award of the Week for inventing the coolest word ever: Poo-splosions!
Diaper by Hygiene Matters.

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