November 9, 2010

A Near-Death Experience and Pachyderm Poop!

I almost died this morning.

There I was, sitting on the throne of power and taking care of business. When the bowel movement was complete, I reached behind me and flushed the toilet.

But I could tell from the strangled sounds the toilet was making that there was trouble. Clogged toilet! 

Elephant poop is big.
I leapt up and dove behind the toilet to turn off the water. Whew! That was close. The bowl's water level had risen to within an INCH of overflowing. And if it had, all the poop, water, and poopy water would have cascaded all over the bathroom floor...and me!

I'm assuming this would've killed me.

Coincidentally, I then read this story by David Moye about elephants at the Topeka Zoo. After the pachyderms poop, their logs are picked up and dried for ten days. Then the elephant poop is sprayed with acrylic, and turned into art projects called Pet Poo. (And even though the arty pieces of poop are big, they won't kill you!)

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