December 5, 2010

Monkey butts are best left unseen!

I've been studying Spanish for about a year. What a great language! One cool thing about Spanish is its colorful sayings. Here's two!

By Steve Jurvetson

1.) Cuanto mas alto trepa el mono, más se le ve el culo.” 
Translation: The higher the monkey climbs, the easier it is to see its butt.”
The more famous, a person becomes, the more people know about EVERYTHING about him…including private details!

2.) “Está tratando de cagar mas alto de lo que le da el culo.” 
Translation: “He’s trying to poop higher than his butt can reach.”
This describes someone who ACTS like a bigger deal than he actually IS. For example, a person who wears the finest clothes, drives an expensive car…but owes a lot of money on all his credit cards! 

As for me, I NEVER try to poop higher than my butt can reach. It's just common sense!

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