December 6, 2010

Taste the Rainbow!

By Sang Trinh
I have eight brothers and sisters. Since I'm the fourth-oldest, that means that I've changed LOTS of diapers.

Babies will shove ANYTHING in their mouths. So while cleaning up my younger brothers and sisters, I often found surprises!

Yep, I discovered pennies, nickels, and dimes embedded in their baby poop. (Don't ask if I kept the money.) I found rubber lizards. I found things that make me shudder, even today. *shudders*

But the most memorable surprise was when I had to change my younger brother after he'd eaten what looked like a whole box of crayons.

He pooped a rainbow! 

I'd like to say it was beautiful...or that it had a pot of gold at the end. (It wasn't. It didn't.)

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