January 26, 2011

Cheese Burger in a Bottle? Yummy!

From here.
CORRECTION, 3/21/11: The makers of this product now claim it's just "performance art." Whatever! Luckily, I saw how stupid this was from the outset. Sort of. (Not. Okay, I just thought it was dumb!)

So there’s this new drink called “MeatWaterVOID™: Less than Zero.”

Wait, who came up with THAT name?

And what is this stuff, exactly? Billed as “dinner in a bottle,” its flavors include Italian sausage, chicken wings, and Hungarian goulash. Goulash in a bottle? Okay, now I’m interested. Tell me more!
“The Void™ is ... a subtle supplement for all souls to see themselves and to purge themselves from all illusions. It is a realm of complete and profound darkness consisting absolutely no meat [sic] but the thought patterns of those in it.”
That. Was. Dumb. But maybe I just need to watch an informational video from the MeatWater people!
Okay, now I’m just mad.
Read Monica Garske's article on this!

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