January 29, 2011

Talking Kiddy-Toilets!

Ask someone about their first memory. I bet they don't talk about the first time they took a “big boy/girl poop.” 

Why? Can we really not remember this important event? Or are we all lying to avoid embarrassment?

I don’t know! My earliest memories involve playing in a sandbox at the bowling alley’s daycare. (Don’t ask.) And I don’t remember if I sat on a kiddy-potty or not!

But I know that if I did, the kiddy-toilet didn’t talk to me. Now THAT I would remember! But that’s exactly what little kids today have to put up with: Talking Kiddy-Toilets! 

For example, the Cheer for Me! Potty asks questions, like: “What’s YOUR name?

“My name is 'Be quiet, I’m trying to concentrate here'!”

The Cheer for Me! also plays a song:
Toilet paper, toilet paper
, on a roll next to me

I can have a few squares

Maybe one or two squares
. How about three?
Hey, it’s encouraging the toddler to save toilet paper. Good call!

But I’m STILL not telling you my name till we know each other better. (My mommy taught me not to talk to strange toilets.)

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