February 9, 2011


The My Carry Potty is a little briefcase for poop. After using it, kids can carry it with them and then impress elders.
“I can poop on a potty!”
“Good for you!”
“Here’s the proof!” *opens case*
“Oh dear Lord!”
"You want me to WHAT?"
I find My Carry Potty silly for a number of reasons. First, its makers dressed this poor girl in the most impractical outfit for peeing and pooping ever. I don't know about you, but the LESS gauzy lace I'm wearing in the bathroom, the better!

And second, look at its product description:

—“My Carry Potty was invented and designed by a mum for mums...”
Weird. It looks a little small for adults!

—“[My Carry Potty is] completely leak and odour-proof...”
So after Junior poops in the potty, you can forget about it for days!

—“Many parents tend to put [potty training] off because it can be inconvenient, especially when you're always on the move.”
Totally! My parents were so busy, they didn’t even teach me how to talk until I was 16.

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