September 9, 2011

George Washington is disgusted by your behavior.

By DonkeyHotey
Over at The Edge, I was reminded that as a teenager, George Washington wrote down over a hundred “Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation.”

Many of these rules have to do with spit (a.k.a. spittle, looches, saliva, etc.). I’ve slightly updated their spelling:
  • Spit not in the fire, nor stoop low before it [lest we see your butt!].
  • Bedew no man’s face with your spittle, by approaching too near him when you speak.
  • Kill no vermin as fleas, lice, or ticks in the sight of others. If you see any filth or thick spittle [on the ground], put your foot upon it...
  • If you soak bread in the sauce, let it be no more than what you put in your mouth at a time. 
  • Neither spit forth the stones of any fruit upon a dish nor cast anything under the table.
  • Put not another bit into your mouth till the last one be swallowed. Let not your morsels be too big for the gowls [jowels? mouth?].
  • Cleanse not your teeth with the table cloth, napkin, fork or knife, but if others do it let it be done with a pick tooth. [And watch out for the spittle!]

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